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Cellulite Reduction in Boca Raton, Florida

With the summer season soon approaching, you may be working hard to get your body beach-ready. However, if you have cellulite, then you likely know it’s hard to get rid of by diet or exercise. 90% of women will develop cellulite at some point in their life. Nutrition, pregnancy, genetics, and even hormones can all be the reason for why cellulite forms. While surgery is an option to remove it from your body, it can be costly and leave you unable to work or do anything else for a long period of time. You need an easy treatment instead that is just as effective. You need cellulite reduction in Boca Raton. 

How Venus Treatments Help 

Cellulite essentially forms when the fat beneath the skin pushes up against the skin. It can cause veins and other bumps to pop out and look unpleasant. While some people opt for liposuction to remove the fat, this can often force them to remain in recovery for a long time. The Venus Versa™ utilizes radio frequency to remove the fat cells instead, so it no longer pushes against the skin. The procedure essentially involves the energy that stems from the device to injure the fat cells enough that they are removed. 

Without the presence of the fat cells to push on your skin, your body has no way of producing cellulite. Cellulite reduction in Boca Raton is a quick and easy procedure to get rid of cellulite without any recovery time. For men and women who want to look great without downtime, call Boca Skin and Body Med now.

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