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Most men consider the ability to produce an erection as one of the most important things in life. This is true in many psychological and emotional ways. It is also true if a man considers penile health to be at the forefront of stability in a relationship. The Priapus Shot or known simply as the P-Shot is a penile injection for men that have a hard time getting an erection or have concerns about their size. No invasive surgical action is needed, and all of the needed blood supplies are provided by the client. The procedure involves extraction of blood samples, and the mechanical separation of platelets from red blood cells. This is accomplished with advanced centrifugal devices. The active platelets are then injected into certain areas where they begin to regenerate tissues that are important to erection production and longevity. Make a consultation at Boca Skin and Body Med to see if the P-Shot is right for you.

With a P-Shot Boca Raton treatment, some post-therapy exercises are recommended. These may include daily tissue exercises that require the use of a penile vacuum device. This therapy is intended to maximize the work of newly introduced blood platelets. Urologists with specialized training in sexual health can guide clients through their P-Spot injection experiences. Each P-Shot enhancement only takes about an hour, and most clients will experience no negative side effects. In fact, sexual activity can continue in as few as four hours after treatment. Contact our office in Boca Raton to learn how simply the P-Shot can help you overcome problems with erectile dysfunction.

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